Easily check your shipping information

using the tracking number sent via email

There is no need to worry if your order is being safely delivered. LINGTEA delivers it through DHL EXPRESS, so you can check the delivery information in real-time. It’s not difficult. All you need is the Internet and the tracking number.

*Some shipments may be delivered through a carrier other than DHL. In case of delivery through another carrier, we will send a separate guide to the customer.

Try using the 'ODD SYSTEM'

(On Demand Delivery)

ODD is a customer-selectable delivery service through DHL. Due to COVID-19 and other security reasons, you can select from 6 different delivery options that DHL offers, including signature-release, delivery date change, leave with neighbor/doorman, service point/locker, alternative address, and vacation hold.

*ODD services are restricted in some areas.

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