#LINGTEA SHARE campaign for COVID-19 front-line healthcare professionals

We are here for you.

It has been a year since the pandemic occurred. COVID-19 has devastated communities all around the world and everyone is becoming exhausted. We received an urgent message from a nurse who works at a COVID-19 hospital ward in Daegu, Korea. Here are some excerpts from the messages we received:

“Hello, I’m Yu-jeong Lee, a nurse at a Daegu Medical Center for severe COVID-19 patients. I was wondering if we could have Lingtea donated to our hospital. The front-line medical staffs are required to wear level D hazmat suits (a pair of overalls along with chemical-resistant footwear) to protect ourselves from the virus. We cannot drink much water during work and continue to sweat a lot which leads to dehydration in many staffs. I believe Lingtea, a product that provides fast hydration and absorption is essential in the medical field. We need your help.”

After receiving this message, we sent out 100 boxes of Lingtea, 100 Lingtea water bottles, and 120 hand warmers to the scene. Throughout this process, we have had the opportunity of connecting with the medical community and hearing their experiences firsthand. We decided to donate to another COVID-19 hospital in desperate need of Lingtea without hesitation.

We are continuing to find ways to give back and would love to hear your stories.


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