What's the recommended amount per day?

The recommended amount per day for LINGTEA is 1 to 2 packets.

The appropriate amount is 16 oz (1 packet) to 34 oz(2 packets).

When is the most effective time to take it?

It is recommended that you drink it in the morning on an empty stomach rather than late in the evening (right before you go to bed). It is also recommended that you drink it one hour before exercising in order to exercise when it is sufficiently absorbed. Avoid having caffeine at the same time for better results.

Can I mix it with hot water?

The temperature of the water doesn't matter much. The same reaction occurs regardless of the temperature when drinking because the liquid temperature changes to body temperature in the stomach and then passes over to the small intestine for absorption. However, it is recommended that you drink it with cold water to enjoy it more deliciously.

Can I take it without water?

LINGTEA works best with 16oz of water per package for optimal concentration and osmotic pressure. It tastes better when mixed with cold water.

※ Avoid mixing LINGTEA in beverages such as carbonated water.

Can children drink it?

LINGTEA only uses ingredients certified by FDA as GRAS. It is safe for all ages. For children under 10 kg, it is recommended that 1.7 oz per kg be consumed over 4 hours.

When is the expiration date?

LINGTEA has a shelf life of two years. After mixing it in water, it is recommended to drink it as soon as it is opened like any other drinks.

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