#LINGTEA SHARE campaign for COVID-19 front-line medical staffs in Korea


COVID-19 has made many people suffer for about a year now. By means of helping those who are fighting against COVID-19, LINGTEA has been seeking the best way to reduce their inconvenience. Since our last donation to the staffs at Daegu Medical Center, we have received another reach out for help. Dong-gyo Lee, a nurse working at the intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients in Yeongnam hospital, heard about the donation made to the Daegu Medical Center. The staff members in Yeongnam hospital were in desperate need of help as well, and needed a better hydration method than just drinking water.

The medical staffs treating COVID-19 patients are required to wear level D hazmat suits (a pair of overalls along with chemical-resistant footwear), in order to avoid the infection. This causes them to sweat more, which leads to dehydration. However, the suits are not easily put on and off, so the staffs were keeping themselves from drinking much water to reduce the time spent using the bathroom. We were aware of such problems and decided to give them a hand.


400 boxes of Lingtea and 40 Lingtea water bottles were sent out immediately, and more are to be given periodically. We have received positive feedbacks from the staffs at Yeongnam hospital, and were relieved that we could help out with our products. We give our utmost respect and gratitude to everyone fighting the battle to maintain our daily lives.


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